Theocracy Today

#DisciplesOfJesus often say “the answer to democracy is theocracy”. But we don’t explain it.

We don’t mean something like Sharia law, or the Holy Roman Empire.

Theocracy is:
1. an individual letting God reign over their heart soul and body and keeping the commandments of YHWH.

We keep all the law that is possible today. “Every jot and tittle …. until heaven and earth pass way”. Jesus

Theocracy is
2. a group or community or state choosing to place YHWH’s laws into the laws of their group or community or state.

Since YHWH is perfect, so it is His law is perfect.

So how do we create a Theocracy in the United States in 2022?
For an #American in 2022:
a. We choose representatives who want YHWH’s laws into our laws.
b. Elected Officials propose bills that are in the #Torah.

What you can do:
1. Study the law., use a Bible program to file those verses separately so you can easily find it later. ‘Bible-Discovery’ is a good Bible Program. Cheap. And you get loads of free books that are usually expensive.
2. Choose 1 law that you really want to see become our law.
3.. Call your representatives.
4. Promote that law online.
5. etc

The good thing about the United States is state governments are separate from the Federal Government.

If Christians wanted God’s laws to be our laws, they would easily become law in many states.