Example: People erasing YHWH


Because of people’s adherence to the most popular , or nearest religion to them, people have long been in the habit of erasing Jesus and YHWH. The verses they erase don’t line up with the theologians who shaped their specific denomination. Disciples of Jesus call these people “proximity Christians”. That is, they adopt the faith that is most popular, the nearest, or the first one they looked into. Then for most of them, they will spend their lives calling their faith “The Truth”, and other faiths, “heresy”. 

The books after the 3rd Gospel REPEATEDLY contradict Jesus and YHWH. Try posting certain verses in a social media Christian group and see what they throw at you. They will throw verses from the books after the 3rd Gospel. 

A disciple shared this tonight: 


“This guy went apeshit on me on gab.

All I did was post this verse

Numbers 23:19a (KJV)
‘God [is] not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man’

Called me a gnostic, a heretic, an anti-Christ.

Said I denied the divinity of Jesus.

So I replied: [paraphrased, almost a quote]

All I did was quote YWHW, so if you interpreted me as saying “God is not a man”, when I quoted YHWH as saying “God is not a man”, then you’re saying YHWH denies Jesus is divine.

And you’re actually calling YHWH a heretic, a gnostic, and an anti-Christ.”

This is a great reply to a mainstream proximity Christian. 

this brother is on Gab at http://www.gab.com/disciple