God’s Contact with a Disciple

This is the personal account of Yahweh contacting a Disciple of Jesus over the years. If you have sought Yahweh and have had clear and direct contact from Him, feel free to share with us. Click here  “Contact a Disciple”

A note before I start. I was an Atheist before I entered the covenant. I had no church background and knew very little about God. When these things happened I looked at them from the point of disbelief looking for other reasons.  I’ve always been bothered by people flippantly saying “God says to me…”. Often they are selling something or are televangelists with private jet planes.

Some of the following could be explained away as something else. That’s fine. My concern is Truth. I’m not going to invent in my mind something to boost my belief in YHWH/God.  IF I didn’t KNOW God exists I possibly would be an Atheist/Nietzschean.   But from day ONE , the day I entered his Covenant AKA ‘getting saved’, God has done things that go beyond human reasoning. He does this with many people. Their stories are hard to explain away. We should all write these down when they happen. But anyway, if you are reading these and you think, “that can be something else”, I mostly agree with you! I have thought that myself. But when you read all of these together, it makes it more probable that they are all connected and all very real. I want to say that the ones after 2008 are more difficult to explain away. So be sure to read those at least.

I start by listing 4 briefly that cannot be explained away. I go into them in-depth later on.

For example:

1. A sleeping mind cannot see a vision of a Bible study in a church studying exodus only to later confirm that’s what they were doing.

Only God can give a person a vision like this.

2. A sleeping mind cannot repeat an unfamiliar verse over and over throughout the night…AND change it slightly to make the verse about the person dreaming.

3. A mind cannot speak to itself the name of a random person on Twitter whose name they have no way of knowing, when asked at the spur of a moment.

4. A mind cannot create a vision in sleep of a person taking one pill [medication] a day with no knowledge of the person’s prescriptions.

All of these combined are impossible to explain without Yahweh….the being the person asked for contact from.

Have you asked Yahweh to contact you by the Authority of Jesus/Yeshua the Christ?

Word, Dreams, Visions, Impressions, and Power Felt

1995: Cook County Jail

Action I took: For the first time in my life I got on my knees and asked God to come into my life, and if He did I would give him everything.

At the time I also asked Him to forgive me, I named my sins, I vowed to be done with sin, and I asked in the name of Jesus.

I finished my prayer with a request to get out of that jail.

God Reacts:

1.  5 minutes later a guard came by and said “Pack your shit you are out of here”.

2.  Also at that time I began to notice a feeling within my chest.

If you have ever dropped really fast,

whether by elevator or amusement park ride,

you know the feeling you get in your stomach.

This feeling was  POWERFUL in my chest. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. It lasted for 6 months.

3. Also, my cigarette habit disappeared instantly.

4.  My nature seemed to change.

Going into Jail I was a drug dealer. Having come out the things I used to do were distasteful. I had no desire for them. It was miraculous. This is common among addicts who enter the covenant.

My Response:

1. I spent 6 months in study and prayer for around 12 hours a day.

2. I didn’t leave the house. This was a great time in my life.

1996: I asked God why animals had to be sacrificed.

God’s Response: I got a realization that just entered my head.

It was, “People die because of Sin. When a man sacrifices an animal,

he is forced to look at what his sin is doing…it is killing”.

It was at this time that I asked God to contact me in an undeniable way. Solomon asked for Wisdom, my request was Yahweh contacting me. If He did I  vowed to give Him my whole life.

[2018 update. I heard a Jewish leader explaining why animals are sacrificed. He said the same exact thing as God did to me back then.

It should be noted when I asked God I knew almost nothing about Yahweh. In other words, there is no way I could have known]

2002: Tazewell County Jail

[unlawful possession of gun. As a felon I couldn’t have them near me.

I didn’t know this. A relative had one when we were pulled over. ]

I was in a large cell with 10 guys, 5 bunk beds lined the walls.

One of them was talking about when he gets out he will sell drugs in such a way as to never get caught.

God’s Response: At that moment a voice in my head said “SPEAK!”,

And so I got up and without thinking about what I was going to say i said:

“That’s the stupidest thing you can do.

You said you have a wife and a 2 year old daughter, and a job, and a home,


What you need to do is surrender your life to God,

and His Son Jesus Christ.”

Their Reaction: Over the next few weeks all of them were

interested in Jesus. 4 professed faith in God and Jesus.

I know 2 continued after leaving Jail, one backslid, and one is unknown.

2004 Newcastle England:

Unfortunately I got drunk one night on whiskey. And I should never drink Whiskey.

[ As of this writing I have been sober 14 years and 6 months. 2005 was the last year I drank or used illegal drugs ]

I was not myself at all. I wanted to attack someone. My friend, Richard Stone from Ely Wales UK who is not a believer, went into the bathroom and asked,

“God, you know i don’t believe in you, but this guy here, he is supposed to be one of yours. Could you make him go to sleep?”

God’s Response: When he came out I was sleeping.

2005 HMP Brixton [ Prison in London]: I was sitting on the yard. Which is basically

a full length basketball court on black top. As I leaned against the fence, I saw a man.

God Speaks: At that moment I heard the Spirit speak,

“Go tell him about me”. And so I did.

Edgaris Miklis was a Lithuanian who was trying to stay in the U.K. instead of being sent back to Lithuania where he had warrants.

He was afraid to go back because he ratted out a mafia group or something. He had cut his arm all the way down about 8 inches. It was on top of the forearm and deep.

Within 2 weeks Miklis entered God’s covenant and everything changed about him. He started studying the Bible with me often, going to church, and he started to bring Russians to church as well. This was a great time.

2005 HMP Brixton:

It was midnight and I was troubled. I was in my cell and I thought I would have to be violent to someone as a matter of self-preservation. The problem with this was at the time I was the foremost representative of Jesus in the whole prison. England doesn’t have as many believers as the prisons in the United States have..

As I prayed about my trouble…

God Responds: At that moment a man came to my door and said something that several Angels have said in the bible. He said, “Michael don’t worry about it, the LORD will take care of you”.

[ See Genesis 21.17, Matthew 1.20, etc]

I stood up and walked to the door saying, “I know that, but who are you?”

He was gone.

This is one of those things that the reader…unless he has been in a British Prison…would not understand.

Guards NEVER just randomly speak into someone’s cell at midnight.
Guards NEVER call anyone by their first name.
I didn’t know this guy. After being there for 6 months I knew all the guards, this guy I didn’t recognize.
He said it, and walked away while I was responding.
He said it at the very moment I was worried and praying to God.

Conclusion: This was a messenger sent by God.

2009 USP Marion

I had a dream one night. The dream was a voice repeating the same verse seemingly most of the night. It said:

“The Spirit of the Lord [is] upon YOU,

because he hath anointed YOU to preach the gospel to the poor;

he hath sent YOU to heal the brokenhearted,

to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised”. – Luke 4.18, Also in Isaiah 61.1-2

This is actually almost the same as Luke 4.18. HOWEVER, the word ‘Me’ is ‘YOU’ – I put the changed words in LARGE letters.


Meaning, I had read it at sometime, but it was never a verse i focused much on. THEREFORE my mind could not have:

1. Repeated something I didn’t know well

2. Change the words

Conclusion: This was God speaking. This was a literal calling from God specifying what He wants me to do. I was due to get out of prison in a few months.

Twitter 2015

I was chatting to a guy named @StrawAtheist.

I told him God had spoken to me before. So he said, “If God speaks to you, whats my name?”.

“Adam” popped in my head. But I wasn’t positive if it was my own thoughts or God.

So I had a dilemma.

–  If I say God told me and I was wrong, he would be able to justify his atheism not only to his self but to others.

– If I said God told me, and I was right, he could easily lie. I believed he would lie rather than give a Disciple [AKA Christian]  evidence that God does talk to us.

So I decided that my main objective here was to GET THE TRUTH. So I specifically said I just want to guess , “this isnt from God”.

He said, “ok guess”.

I said “Adam”

He said, “You’re right! Good guess”.

I then told him everything I have typed about this situation above. He was annoyed because I lied to him, and reminded me that I said it was just a guess.

I didn’t argue with him about it. He had a right to his position.

Visions in Dreams

Obviously we all have dreams where we see things. These two were different because there was information in them that I could not have possible known.

2016 I had a dream where I was above the Church across the street. I was looking down and I could see a small group studying Exodus.

When I woke up I called Pastor Zimmerman and asked him if he was studying Exodus in a small group. They were.

2016 The same year I had a dream. And all it was,was, my mother taking 1 pill.

When I woke up I called her and asked her if she takes 1 pill a day, and she does.

Michael’s unanswered questions:

1. Does God contact everyone who asks and seeks Him in holiness and Truth?

2. If God only contacts certain people, why? Is there a magic formula? What criteria must be met?

Please send verses that answer these to [email protected]

My advice is that you ask God to reveal Himself in a way that cannot be explained away by honest science. I did alot more than just ask. Far from being an example of pure holiness, I did seek them diligently studying His word, professing Him to others, seeking his will in my life without staying stuck to men’s made up doctrines.   Over all it was a desire to absolutely surrender everything I am, all that I have, and love Yahweh and Jesus with all my mind, all my strength, all my soul.