How to have the Eyes of God using the internet and the Mind

  God sees everything. It is impossible to see everything God sees. However, in order to be more inline with truth, you must try to see as God sees.

  Human beings are naturally ignorant. As we age we acquire experience and knowledge and our opinions are more mature, more refined, and more empathetic.

  With the internet available the Disciples can see the horrible things the police and paramedics see. You can go to BESTGORE.COM and see what suicide and torture look like. Along with seeing these thing you should look up how often these things happen. Then close your eyes and see the world at any moment and you can see what’s happening at any one time.

   Look up symphonies, and couples breaking up, and the stories of soldiers and orphans and a baby being aborted and nurses and doctors without borders. You can watch any human activity online and the statistics at how often these happen.

  But this is only the shallow part of the Eyes of God. You must also imagine the pain a baby goes through during an abortion. The emptiness of a dad who had no say in his daughter’s right to life. Imagine the depression he goes through as he hangs himself months later.

  Also imagine the joy of new parents. The joy of an orphan’s first CHRISTmas in his new forever home. The joy of a son when they doctor says his father’s cancer is no longer traceable in tests. 

  In short, every human interaction. Imagine and watch it all. Then close your eyes and see as best you can what God sees.

  This is what The Eyes of God is.

  Its something some Disciple’s practice. There is no commandment to do so, and the reader is no better or worse if he does or doesn’t do it. This is just me sharing something I find enlightening and helpful when is comes to having empathy with people who are going through something I never have gone though. If I have see what they have seen and tried to imagine the pain in a meditative state, then I’ll be close to having true empathy than if I was completely ignorant.