Letter to the Language Pharisees…



TO THE LANGUAGE PHARISEES: There are people, many in this group in particular, who will go around correcting people on how to say Jesus,or YHWH/God, or Hell, or whatever word they happen to have learned. One thing people who think they are following Jesus will do is, they will learn a particular set of doctrines almost never based on the words of Jesus himself, they they will go around clubbing people in the head with this particular doctrine.

For Pentecostals [Assembly of God, United Pentecostal Church] they will ask people:”Have you been baptized in the name of Jesus?” And if you say to them, “they baptized me in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit just like Jesus said”. They will tell you “no that’s wrong, look at all these places in Acts, you see they are only baptizing in the name of ‘Jesus’. You see when you are baptized in the name of Jesus that’s a REAL baptism. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues”. Pentecostals actually TEACH tongues. So a Pentecostal will spend his days trying to get people to get baptized in the name of Jesus only.

For Baptists, the Baptist believes correctly that infant baptism doesn’t count. Baptist go back to the 100s when they were called “Ana-Baptists”, which means “To re-baptize”. However because Baptist very often follow Calvin over Jesus, their ‘higher knowledge’ is that God before time chose who would go to heaven and who wouldn’t. I was once a Calvinist for about a year, I had actually 2 copies of “The Institutes of the Christian Religions”. My mother ordered me 2 on accident. They believe faith is only a gift, and those who don’t have it were not given it. And they quote Paul with “The vessels of wrath”, which means to them, all the lost. That God didn’t give faith to a bunch of people, and these people are set aside for God to unleash his wrath on. This teaching is horrendous. I’m not one to blame the devil for all sorts of things like many do, “Look at the rain coming down, must be the devil”, “I got the flu, the Devil is trying to stop my ministry”, but if I were to blame the Devil for things I would say both of the teaching above are of the Devil. It must be noted that John Calvin when he was Mayor had [if my memory serves me correctly] 84 people executed. As Wikipedia says of one TRUE God seeking person, “On 4 April 1553 Servetus was arrested by Roman Catholic authorities, and imprisoned in Vienne. He escaped from prison three days later. On 17 June, he was convicted of heresy, “thanks to the 17 letters sent by John Calvin, preacher in Geneva” and sentenced to be burned with his books.” Every denomination has A THING that they push

Mormons baptize for dead people off of a terrible interpretation of 1st Corinthians 15. In the chapter Paul is saying if Jesus did not raise from the dead, if that is a lie or a myth, than there is not point in being baptized in his name, or as he says “Baptized for the dead”. How they got to actually baptizing themselves for their dead ancestors I do not know.

For Catholics it is the Eucharist.

For Seventh Day Adventists it is keeping the Sabbath. Never mind the other laws, the Sabbath is the one we must keep. Even the WHOLE BIBLE Churches focus on one thing or another while claiming they are not like that, they read “THE WHOLE BIBLE”….they don’t.

So now I come to people who go around bashing people on the head because they learned somewhere that if you say the Hebrew words and names that somehow you are in better standing with God. In either case you are closer to the Truth when you use the Hebrew. It’s so important to them that they change every topic into “you need to use the Hebrew words”. So here is the reality to those of you who are fortunate to:

Live in 2020 where you can jump online and get the Hebrew words and definitions in seconds.

Live in a time AND PLACE where they actually teach you how to read at all.

Live in a place where the internet is available.

You may not be aware but the internet is a brand new thing.

You may not be aware but high literacy is a relatively new thing.

You may not be aware, but there was a time when the Bible ONLY came in one language. Depending on where you lived. In the West it was Latin.

You may not be aware that Bibles were very very expensive before the printing press. Like very few people owned one. They would go to the Catholic Church and the Priest would read a portion from like 3 different books.

You may not be aware, But JESUS knows his name in 2000 languages. And some people have trouble speaking at all, so if they slur their words and just manage to get “J” out, Jesus and YHWH/God know this person with a handicap is calling them, or speaking of them. Thankfully to the missionary work of places like Moody Bible Church, the Bible has been translated in almost every language on Earth. Its a remarkable thing.

And finally, You may not be aware, but you guys disagree in how to say YHWH. [there were NO vowels written in the original and we do not know which ones were there despite was your favorite Youtuber tells you.] Some say YAHWEH. I used to say it that way. Some say Yehovah. I will say God, or if I want to be clearer I will type out YHWH. [I don’t have Hebrew on my laptop. If you are fortunate to know the names correctly, and can type in Hebrew, guess what, your words are no better than the guy who slurs his words. All of the types of believers I have mention all have one thing in common, they ALMOST BY DEFAULT ignore much of the things Jesus said.

They often don’t know, or don’t care, that Jesus said if you do not forgive , you will not be forgiven. T

hey don’t know that calling a brother “a fool”, will put you “in danger of hell fire”. [GREEK WORD IS MOROS = MORON].

The don’t know or don’t care that Jesus said, “For one is your teacher, the Christ…..for one is your teacher, The Christ”. – Matthew 23.8,10.

All of these verses they find a way to dismiss them by using verses from other people. In turn they follow other people and erase the words of Jesus.

Final note, it is obviously much better to learn how a sentence read in the Greek or Hebrew. I have been looking up words in the Greek and Hebrew for 25 years. For some reason God allowed the Gospels to be spread in Greek. It has more words than Hebrew, this may be why…I’m just guessing.

If you want to know the precise meaning of a sentence, by all means , look it up.But don’t think you are somehow better, or more correct that a prisoner in Yemen who only has a bible in Arabic. IF you have that attitude, you need to cut it off.