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Disciples of Jesus

Our home page goes into length about what a Disciple of Jesus is.


Usually groups or denominations have a list of what they believe with verses to support their beliefs. For True Disciples of Jesus our Doctrine is the words of Jesus and Yahweh verbatim. Since Jesus is our only teacher and master [Matthew 23.8,10], we try not to teach ourselves. For when we teach what Jesus taught, then error and false doctrines are born.

It is important for all students of Jesus to know that only his and Yahweh's words are absolute truth. This is why we tell people throughout this site that anything we say may not be accurate even if we think it represents Jesus' words.The same goes with any group of verses we join together to make a point, this grouping of verses is from us and not Yahweh or Jesus and is also prone to error.

The 1000s of false denominations and religions that sprang from the resurrection of our Lord, came about equating the words of others with the words of Jesus. The false apostle Paul for one added so much that True Jesus [in the 3 Synoptic Gospels] never said.  "Grace" is one example. But "Grace" became one of the most important doctrines. The destruction of the law by Paul, another thing True Jesus never said. In fact he said the complete opposite.

And with Paul came Paul's Disciples.  The denominations , their pastors and priests, their missionaries and lay people, teach Paul.  Their leaders won't deny this. In fact they will often tell you Jesus' time on Earth was part of the Old Covenant. Paul represents the new, they say. And with the words of their mouths they erase the power of the words of Jesus in the minds of all their students.

If you want to be in the Truth when it comes to the new covenant, read Jesus only in the 3 Synoptic Gospels. Also erroneously called "Matthew Mark Luke'. We say "Erroneously" because the authors never said who wrote the texts.

We do what Yahweh and Jesus say to do. They say the law is forever, so we practice the law.  Jesus said to go and make Disciples, and so we do, of him only. Jesus never used the words Grace or Christian, so we don't use those words. The book called 'John' contradicts True Jesus, so we dismiss this text as a fraud.

Other religious groups add so much to scripture that True scripture has little power:

Jews added the Talmud

Muslims erased all of scripture and replaced it with Mohammad

Christians add Paul and the other spurious texts like 'john','james','hebrews'

Mormons add the Book of Mormon

Catholics consider the traditions of the Popes to be on par with the words of Yahweh and Jesus.


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